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Top 5 Summer Watches

With the summer ahead of us, we can barely wait to jump on a plane and hit the beaches of the most beautiful places on earth. Packing your holiday clothes can be a very existing job - which trousers, bathing suit, shirts or shoes. But what are you going to wear around your wrist? We, at Jeweler Burger, will help you a bit with our Top 5 summer watches.

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15 years Juwelier Burger!

It all started in June 2001, after hard work and preparations, we opened the doors of our store in the city centre of Maastricht. In those days, we mainly focussed on jewelry. We did had some exclusive watches in our collection, but not as much as we have today. The number of watches needed to increase - we are proud to see it did!

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Currency Crisis or Celebration?

A few days ago the Swiss national bank removed the cap of 1.20,- per euro. Resulting in quite some chaos in the financial markets worldwide and overall Swiss export industry, as well for the other sectors like tourism. The Swiss central bank estimates that the Swiss franc will balance out in approximately six months, providing a more accurate and current value of the Swiss currency.

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